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Friday fluff

I'm trying to keep up the habit of posting at least once a week, so here we go.

Work is busy. I made it through the BIG! meeting yesterday unscathed. 8am til 2pm, baby, and the consultants were half an hour late AND a presenter forgot her powerpoint, but it's all about being nimble and rolling with the punches. Turned out great anyway. My travel to New Orleans next week is FINALLY correct and has been approved. Out of state travel is a hot mess, and someone needs to simplify the process. Someone above my paygrade.

Writing is all over the place. I've been bitten by the odd desire to write a Steve/Bucky omegaverse story, because I'm stupid and ridiculous like that. I don't even like omegaverse. IDK. Whatever. I'm in it now. Three pages are written and Steve is kind of an asshole. This is one of those stories that is going to eat at me until it's on paper. Nevermind that I have a WIP that's languishing. I have to admit that I'm a little bummed that my last Steve/Bucky story wasn't as well received as previous ones have been. I'm not sure why. Fandom is strange.

Tonight, we are going to a friend's house for a cookout, then heading into downtown to see a band. Is it awful that I don't want to go? Ten years ago, I was such a party animal. Huge. Now, all I want to do is stay home, drink wine and watch Netflix. Lame, lame, lame. I have to go. Once I get there, I'm sure I'll enjoy it.

Tomorrow, a former co-worker is getting married just north of here, out in Bumblefuck Alabama. She's a good friend, so I have to go. Again, I'm thrilled that she's getting married, and once I get there, I'm sure it'll be fun, but I'd rather park my lazy ass on the sofa. WTF is wrong with me? I suck.

Monday is a holiday. Confederate something. Doesn't matter. I'm not leaving the house.


Thursday Thoughts

I seriously had to stop and think about what day it was. Wow. What does that say about me?

Both stories have been finished. One's been posted, the link to which is in my previous LJ post. I'm pleased with it and the person who requested it liked it, too, so I'm happy. I'm a little concerned that it's not showing up in my "recent works." You have to go looking for the link to find the story. I'd like for it to show up in a search for my username. Whatever. My heroine story is also completed and the artwork/photomanip for it is GREAT! I can't wait to post that one.

Work remains crazy. Promotion may be back on the table, but I'm afraid I'll jinx it. Maybe I'll talk about work another time.

Went to the beach last weekend. I wish I was still there.

The big news is that it looks like Scotty's business partner may have had a stroke. BP was 248/130 when the ambulance picked him up at the store, and he was confused and listless. Scotty's going to let me know how he is. He had a heartattack late last year, so there's always a risk of another heart related event. Please don't mention that on FB.

I'm exhausted, so that's all for now.


The Phoenix is not known for his kind and caring heart, but when he befriends a young girl, he can't help himself.
Pairing: M/F
Rating: G

Story may be found at the link above. :)

"An Apron and a Smile" - Steve/Bucky

Link to "An Apron and a Smile"

“You need a project,” declared Steve, suddenly inspired. “Something to really sink your teeth into.”

Oh, no. “A project is the last thing I need. Really.” Bucky knew where Steve’s sudden inspirations led, and they usually involved him doing something pointless or ridiculous or both.

“Come on, Buck. It’ll be fun.” Steve buzzed with giddy anticipation. He seemed to derive a perverse pleasure in planning random things for Bucky to do.

Bucky sighed. When Steve got an idea in his head, it was easier just to let him finish the thing. “Fine. One project. A small one.”

Steve's good intentions lead to a misunderstanding.

Saturday Stuff

Tis the season for itchy eyes and sniffly noses. Flonase has been a lifesaver, but I still want to claw my eyeballs out. I have a convertible, and with the weather as lovely as it's been here, I can't resist putting the top down. Hello, itchy eyes. I'm going to look for some eyedrops today.

I'm finished with both of my challenge stories, and nearly finished with my next Steve/Bucky one. I have to write the sex, which I hate doing now for some reason. I used to love writing that stuff but now I feel awkward doing it. Just need to bite the bullet, I guess.

We're going to Orange Beach next weekend with some friends who own a condo down there. Scotty wants to leave immediately after work on Wednesday night. I dunno. That'd put us down there at 10 pm at the absolute earliest. I'm thinking I'd rather sleep in my own bed and get up early Thursday and drive down, but he seems to have his heart set on getting out of here, so I won't kick up a fuss. He's been working hard.

I have a conference the first weekend of June in New Orleans. The same friends now want to go, too. That's fine, because they can keep Scotty company while I'm in sessions, bit I have a feeling they're going to be a bad influence on me and my work ethic. LOL!

Mother's Day is tomorrow and both moms are coming to our house for lasagne and salad. There are wine boxes everywhere. Seriously. Hazards of owning a store with little storage. We're going to have to clear a path to the table.

Everything else is going pretty well. I hope all of you are doing well, too.


Monday musings

Today is a state holiday. Confederate something or other. I celebrated by shopping for bras, since the one I'm wearing literally is falling apart. Headed to the trash this afternoon. I hate buying bras, but at least it's over with for a while. I have the rest of the day here at the house to read and play and do nothing other than lie around.

Work is going well. Busy. I'm doing a lot of cat-herding. It's hard to pin down some of the higher-ups that I need to attend various meetings. There's a bit of inter-office drama, which I anticipate will escalate on Tuesday, but I'm at a meeting that morning, so I'm hoping it will have blown over by the time I get there.

We started watching Daredevil on Netflix. It's really good. With several of our shows winding down, it's been nice to pick up a new one. We're a season behind on Game of Thrones. Once last season's dvds are out on Netflix, we'll watch those, too. We've also got to find time to see Avengers: Age of Ultron. My Cap obsession is rivaled only by my Bucky obsession.

I think that's it. I'm trying to make sure I read your LJ and FB posts, and I think I'm up to date with most of you. :)


Friday Fantastic!

Good grief, I'm schizophrenic on LJ. Or bipolor. Or just effing crazy. Up one second, down the next. Kind of like my weight. The Wookie said he's going to leave me if he can't start having carbs again.

Just two things this weekend. First, we have on of those masque balls to attend tomorrow night, which is fine as long as it's not raining. Fingers crossed. We'll go for the leadout and presentation, stay for the first set of the band and leave. Our best couple friends didn't get invited this year, so it won't be as much fun, but I feel like we have to go. One of my best friends is in it, so I should go and support her. It'll be fun. Hopefully.

But the BIG news is that we got that Kellogg grant! We're one of four states that's getting money and support to develop an early childhood assessment plan. And by "we", I mean me, because I'll be doing all the work, which is fine as long as I get all the credit. I'm really excited about it! With a bit of luck, this can hopefully push the department toward creating an early childhood section. I wonder who they could get to head that up?

Tags: is uploading fanfics and selling them for profit. I found five of mine over there for sale, so I encourage EVERYONE to check the site and see if your name is listed as an author.

ETA - the site appears to be free to download, but the fact that my stories are on there and being marketed as "free e-books" gives me significant pause.

ETA2 - Directions for filing a complaint -

As it turns out, all of mine have now been removed! Yay!

Saturday Stuff

I'd planned on getting stuff done today, but here I sit at the computer. Best laid plans, etc. I MUST flip my closet from winter clothes to summer ones today, because it was 89 yesterday and I can't go without shorts much longer. *sigh* So of course, that means ironing. Fun. Maybe I'll treat myself to a bit of shopping later on.

Work is getting interesting. I have a lot of high profile projects right now, which has one of my co-workers on edge. The bottom line is that she hasn't produced and never finished a couple of projects she was asked to do, partly because she was waiting on input from others. I get that, but at some point, you give them a deadline and say,"if I don't hear something by tomorrow, I'm going with my best guess and you'll have to live with what I write." Works every time. So, there's some tension on her part and she's suddenly very protective about what she's doing. Fine by me. I have enough to do.

It looks like I'll be getting kindergarten in addition to the pre-k that I'm already overseeing. Pre-k actually falls under the Department of Children's Affairs, but because so many pre-ks are in public schools, there has to be a liaison in K-12, which is me. Without going into a lot of detail, there's a chance for a large grant to do some kindergarten assessments, and in the course of that discussion, I realized nobody in the SDE is doing anything with or knows anything about the current state of kindergarten. I'm guessing I'm about to take that on, too, which is fine as long as they give me a lot of leeway to oversee the program. Oh, and to top it all off, my degree is in higher education administration and I have no experience in early childhood other than what I've learned on the job. Heh.

Alright. I guess I've wasted enough of the morning. Time to get stuff done.


happy birthday, Oshun!

Happy birthday, heartofoshun! I hope it was great!

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