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meme time - personality quiz

jaiden at the beach by aglarien1
Since everyone else did it, I thought I would, too. I'm surprised at how far on the extroverted scale I am, since I'm usually more toward the middle. Whatever. It changes. I'm an ENTJ, though sometimes I will test INTJ.

Jai's Personality Type Results

ENTJ — The "Chief"

ENTJ Chiefs are natural and decisive leaders. They are analytical, efficient and hard working. They live in the world of ideas and have a great ability to debate. Their goal-oriented and self-confident nature enables them to take charge. They thrive on achievement.
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Famous ENTJ's: Bill Gates, Margaret Thatcher, Al Gore, Franklin D. Roosevelt
Fictional ENTJ's: Jordi LaForge (Star Trek), Winston Wolfe (Pulp Fiction)
ENTJ Career Matches: Business Administrator, Manager, Entrepreneur, Politician, Lawyer/Attorney

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Writers - FYI

jaiden lakeside by aglarien1

There's a guy on my tumblr blog looking for people to write movie reviews. Unpaid at first, but may turn into a pay thing. It sounds like fun, and I thought some of you movie buffs might be interested. Link is above.

Also, there is this.


Happy birthday, Lee Ann!

happy birthday by limnoreia
Happy birthday, nienna_weeper!! I hope your day was great!

Saturday smatterings

jaiden at the beach by aglarien1
My AiA story is finished AND posted to the Ardor in August group on Ao3. Not my best work, but it's finished. I hope the recipient will be pleased. Man, I struggled with the title and the summary.

Work is crazy. I leave for Mobile on Monday for a week long teachers' conference. I'm presenting once, facilitating a session and then supporting co-workers at their sessions. I had a room reserved with a friend, but another friend begged to crash with us, so now there are three women in a room. Not sure how well that will work, but I'm getting my own bed. I think one of them snores. I predict I'll be tired and bitchy by Friday. Yay.

My promotion is still pending. Boss said he put it in the budget he submitted last week, so they'll either approve it or they won't. We'll see. Keep your fingers crossed.

The role play I'm in appears to be dead, or dead-ish. I haven't played in a few months. I am, however, enjoying Tumblr. Something about the type of interaction over there appeals to me. I can toss out a one-liner and be done with it. Lots of different fandoms to dabble about in, and most of them are active. :)

Anyway. Off to do laundry and pack.

Happy birthday, Binky!

happy birthday by limnoreia
Happy birthday, chaotic_binky! I hope your day is great!!

Duplicity - Clint/Natasha fanfic!

Avengers capn

Author: Jaiden S
Beta: Alexcat
Fandom: The Avengers, Marvel Movie Universe
Characters: Natasha Romanov, Clint Barton
Rating: Adult – language & sexual situations
Timeline: One month after the events of “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”

This story is part of the Unknown story arc and occurs immediately after the events of "Uncertainty."

This story may be read as a stand alone, though the characters will show up in later stories.

Boa noite - Good evening
Desculpe - Excuse me




On a normal evening, Rio de Janeiro was hotter than 10,000 hells, but during a football match, the heat became oppressive. Bodies surged together toward the entrance to Maracanã Stadium, jostling and shoving each other out of the way. Natasha held the back of her hand to her nose and inhaled the scent of her lotion, a blessed respite from the pungent tang of sweat and stale beer that wafted upward from the main breezeway below. Behind her, a suite full of VIPs chatted about the upcoming match and sipped on overpriced, watered-down cocktails. Somewhere in that crowd was the man she’d been hired to track.
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Uncertainty - Ch 8 - End

cap america by inkvoices
Last chapter! I do plan to continue writing in this storyline, but wanted to end this part of the story and not leave it hanging. Thanks so much for following along, and extra thanks to my super-duper beta, Alex_cat!

Uncertainty Ch 8


Steve tossed his duffle bag into the trunk of the red and white roadster and slammed it closed. It wasn’t the car he would have chosen, but it’s what Tony offered to lend him. Maybe a convertible wouldn’t be so bad for a trip to the beach, wind in his hair, sun on his face. He glanced at his watch. If they left now, they could reach the coast before midnight.
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Sunday stuff

Sebastian 1
Doing laundry on a Sunday and thought I'd post an actual update. We celebrated seven (7!!) years of the store on Friday and opened 30 wines. Place was packed and I ended up in the back washing glasses because we ran out. We needed a big crowd because business is way down this year. It's down industry wide here in Montgomery and in B'ham. The economy sucks. Meh.

I'm up for a promotion at work. My boss has been pushing for it for about a month now, and he thinks it'll finally happen next week. We'll see. I've hit the salary cap on my current position. I could really use the added income.'s odd for me to be running so many state level committees and be the only one in the room still at the specialist level. I don't advertise that fact, though, so I wonder who knows...Anyway, hopefully I'll be moving up by July 1.

Healthwise, I'm finally back to normal. I haven't been able to exercise like I used to, so I'm kind of floppy and my wobbly bits are wobbling more than usual, but I can get back in shape and drop a few pounds. :)

I'm about halfway through with my AiA assignment. It's reading a bit like a story I've written before, so I need to rethink my approach a little. I may ask a couple of you for opinions, since I know who I'm writing for.

In the Marvel universe, I'm nearly to the end of the story, but I have decided I want to continue in that universe and send Steve and Bucky out on a new adventure.
QUESTION: Can I link two stories together in a series on Ao3? I think I can...right? Someone tell me.

Annnddd...I'm still obsessed with Sebastian Stan.

My tumblr is practically a shrine to the man. If you don't follow me over there, feel free to. It's heavy on Marvel, Xmen, Sebastian, Tom Hiddleston, LOTR...that sort of stuff.

Happy birthday Jade/elladansgirl!

happy birthday by limnoreia
Happy birthday, elladansgirl! Hope your day is great!

Happy birthday Larian!

happy birthday by limnoreia
Happy birthday, larianelensar! Hope you have a great day!

Uncertainty - Ch 7

cap bucky by inkvoices
Uncertainty Ch 7



Steve knew it would be difficult to infiltrate a Hydra facility, especially since Hydra had thrown down the proverbial gauntlet by launching the surveillance drone. There would be no element of surprise. Hydra knew they’d be coming. He desperately needed to find an edge.
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Happy birthday, Lori!

happy birthday by limnoreia
Happy birthday fairjennet!! I hope you have a great day!

Uncertainty - Ch 6

cap america by inkvoices
Uncertainty Ch 6



“Well, considering everything he’s been through the past ten days, Bucky’s remarkably healthy,” said Bruce. He sat across from Steve at the kitchen table and made some notes on a patient medical chart. “Blood pressure is good. Reflexes excellent. All of the drugs are out of his system. How is his memory?”
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Off again

jai plane chick
Heading out at the buttcrack of dawn to beautiful downtown Minneapolis!

Why can't any of you people live there? Seriously. Imma have to see a Twins game by myself. *sadface*

Uncertainty - Ch 5

cap motercycle by famira

Uncertainty Ch 5


The safe house sat hidden in a grove of pecan trees at the end of a dirt road in middle-of-nowhere Virginia. It should have taken two hours to reach from DC, but Tony skidded the SUV into the carport in just over one. With a little help from Bruce, who met them at the door, Steve got Bucky inside quickly.

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Uncertainty - Ch 4

cap winter frisbee by famira
Uncertainty – Ch 4.


The first rays of dawn peeked over the rooftops and spread long fingers of light between the oak trees, painting the lawn of Sam’s house in streaks of orange and yellow. Steve sat on the front steps and re-tied the laces of his trainers. Behind him, the front door squeaked open, then closed with a soft click.

“Want some company?” Sam stretched against the railings of the front porch.

“Sure, if you think you can keep up.”
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LoTR MINE lotr funny
I got a GREAT prompt for my AiA assignment! yay!


jaiden fireworks by deanna
After getting texts/comments from both Ervy and Chloe wondering how I was, it dawned on me I hadn't updated here on my healing process. Sorry! I'm feeling MUCH better. I've weaned myself off of most of the pain meds. I still take a high dose Naproxin Sodium first thing in the morning, but I skipped the one before bed last night and did great. I'm thinking I can stop the pain meds altogether by Monday.

Woohoo! Long weekend ahead. Lake tomorrow. Movie on Monday. Life is good. :D

Uncertainty - Ch 3

cap winter frisbee by famira
Uncertainty Ch 3 – Unstable


Twelve hours later, the third floor of Stark Enterprises looked like a tornado had blown through. Papers covered every flat surface, charts graphed the movements of the Winter Soldier, and blinking monitors plotted a series of his possible next targets. Bruce Banner turned counterclockwise in the eye of the storm, trying to make sense of it all. “I can see why you’re concerned. He’s all over the place.”
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